Personally, I'll be subscribing. I admit I'm a little on the fence because I naturally think, "do I really need this?" But you've produced some real gems over the past year or so — a couple pieces have changed my thinking or pointed me towards something that changed our company for the better. 

Plus as an entrepreneur, I appreciate the constant drumbeat of curiosity and persistence in my inbox each day. I'm not surrounded by many peers, so that attitude that you bring to work every day is like oxygen, and any solid insights are icing on the cake. 

I think to myself, would I spend $10 to go to coffee even once with a knowledgable expert who inspires me and occasionally brings gems of insight that help me to make my company better? How about $10 for a whole month's worth of coffees? If you care even a little about building your practice, surrounding yourself with experts is an easy investment.

So a huge "thank you" for those contributions, and I'll let you know how paying for your writing changes my psychology of how I receive and perceive it. Onward with the experiment!

— Scott Woods, West Arete: Custom Software for Higher Education

My work is an ongoing effort to answer these questions, and to make the ever-improving answers I generate into actionable advice:

  1. How can self-employed professionals use specialization to create outsized value?

  2. How can ordinary folks cultivate and sell extremely valuable self-made expertise?

  3. How can average firms build a systematic innovation capacity to--over time--become exceptional firms?

If you'd like to look over my shoulder as I think, research, and iterate my way through these questions, I welcome you to do so by joining my email list.

I email this list a blend of my thinking, findings of my research and experiments, occasional irreverent humor and interesting links four times a week, Monday through Thursday. There’s a free email once a week, on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The other emails are for paid subscribers. Subscriptions cost less than two fancy coffees (if paid monthly) or less than a good vacuum cleaner (paid yearly) and deliver far, far more value.

The goal of this list is to share my learnings, mistakes, and growing body of insight in a regular fashion. If you enjoy that kind of spectator sport, do join. If you'd rather wait for the books that come out of this effort every 3 to 5 years or the long-form articles every few months, do that instead.

If you do join my list, I hope you ultimately join me in the exploration it represents; I hope you move from spectator to teammate or member-in-spirit. Being a spectator is fine, of course. But wouldn't it be so much more fun to join me in the thinking, questioning, and growth I'm engaged in? To that end, I hope if you join this list you'll interact with me, question my assumptions, challenge my conclusions, contribute your experience & point of view, and generally expand the depth and nuance of what's happening within my list's digital walls.

All you need do is opt in, get a sense for the vernacular, and then press REPLY whenever you're ready to challenge yourself to think deeply and articulate your perspective on the issue at hand.

If you do this, we'll both win.




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